Privacy Policy


Please read carefully the privacy policy before using this site for the online fashion shopping


6.1. Distinto Boutique  collects personal data and special data (CNP ) on the pages of its site only with the voluntary agreement of the customer , for the following purposes:

- validation, shipment and invoicing orders by the client;

- to solve cancellations or problems of any kind relating to an order or a contract for services or the products purchased by the client ;

  contract, la serviciile sau produsele achizitionate de catre acesta;

- to provide access to this service

- sending newsletters and / or periodical alerts in an electronic format only;

- contacting the client according to his voluntary request;

- contacting the client in matters of customer issues;

- for statistical purposes.

6.2. Distinto Boutique  can involuntary collect other data (IP address, time of visit , the place where the access is made, name and version of the web browser, operating system, including other parameters) provided by the Internet browser through which the access is made to the site and it can be used by Distinto Boutique to improve the customer services and its users, or for statistical purposes; exception is if they are violated provisions of the document, also the case where the outcome of the client actions are contrary to the interests or harm of any kind to the Distinto Boutique  and / or third parties with which Distinto Boutique  has partnership at that time.

6.3. The customer has the right to oppose to the gathering of his personal data and request deletion , thus revoking the agreement given for the document, and renouncing any right default specified in the document without any further obligation to any party against the other or without any party can claim damages from the other , but only in accordance with art. 2.8.

6.4. To exercise the rights cf art . 6.3 the customer shall address to Distinto Boutique, , according to the contct data available on the site, valid at that time.

6.5. Using the forms available on the site , the customer has the right to change the date that he initally gave to reflect any changes, in case they are any.

6.6. In case the customer chooses for the online payment of the fee orders, contract and / or contracts, the bank card data processing is done exclusively on the servers .....

6.7. Distinto Boutique doesn't request or store any information about the customer's credit card or bank cards.

6.8. The Privacy Policy of Distinto Boutique SRL  Boutique refers only to data provided voluntarily by the client exclusively on the site.

6.9. Distinto Boutique SRL  guarantees that the customer data collected to be used only in accordance with the stated purposes and does not disclose, sell, rent, license, transfer, etc.. the data base containing information on the personal data of the customer or any third party specifically involved in accomplishing the stated goals.

6.10. The exception is the situation where the transfer / access / viewing / etc is requested by authorized bodies in cases stipulated by the regulations in force at the date of the event.

6.11. The processor of cards approved by Distinto Boutique SRL has the right to access / view any data / documents generated by an order issued, canceled orders , contracts canceled or an honored contract to investigate any transaction, if it exists.

6.12. Distinto Boutique SRL guarantees that a users personal data collected through the contact form will be used only for solving the problem communicated by him, after which they will become exclusively statistical data.

6.13. Distinto Boutique SRL  is not responsable for damage that may endanger the security of the server that hosts the data base that contains the data.

In accordance with Law No. 677/2001, Distinto Boutique SRL  is registered as personal data operator under number  0019219